Complexity is difficult for organizations...but it is also the source of great ideas

Organizations are on continuous journeys to innovate, grow, and improve the systems that drive their strategy.


But the ideas that make or break success are often lost in the "noise".  And the success of strategy execution and innovation suffers.


The fact is, "good ideas" usually do not come from one person, rather from thoughts intersecting between a variety of people. The noise is necessary & but "serendipity" can be found therein.


Collective Intelligence 

Organizations are alive, filled with ever changing contexts & various interpretations of data & information.


Wisdom comes from combining these realities in meaningful ways to make sense of current situations in order to act. 

humanITsync designs bespoke collective intelligence solutions to help complex organizations build a shared understanding of reality & move collectively towards a desired future state. 



Exaptive Consulting

Exaptation is an evolutionary process whereby something can be radically changed by using or re-purposing something that already exists. This is relevant in organizations because often great ideas are already available but may not be sitting with the person who is tasked with solving a particular problem or innovating.


Exaptive consulting is different from classic consulting in that it does not rely on experts to solve problems or design solutions. Rather, it facilitates collective intelligence to find or build solutions from within the organization. 

Exaptive consulting is the recommended approach in situations with a high degree of unknowns. Once a situation becomes more known, it is advisable to continue with "best practice" consultants.


Many companies begin working with "best practice" vendors in the early stages of complex work, but these vendors have a vested interest in prescribing solutions they also sell. Exaptive consultants maintain objectivity by staying out of the complicated domain and are happy to leave this market to the experts. 


Some of the things we do...

Some of the things we do not do...

  • Vision and Strategy Workshop Facilitation

  • Strategy Execution Design

  • Transformation Design

  • Organization Design

  • Innovation Strategy/Facilitation 

  • Experiment Design

  • Human-Centered AI

  • Complex Network Design/Navigation

  • Qualitative Data Gathering/Anaylsis

  • Collective Intelligence Support

  • Situational Leadership Support

  • Decision Management

  • Emergent Risk Management

  • Program Diagnostics & recovery

  • Portfolio Management Design 

  • Innovation Competency Analysis

  • Professional Steering Committee Support

  • Bespoke Educational Events

  • Adaptive Change Management Design

  • Knowledge Management 

  • Project Scoping/Initiation/Business Case

  • RFP/Tender Support

  • Implementation partnering 

  • Program and project management 

  • Certification programs for methodologies 

  • Predictive data analysis 

  • Business Intelligence 

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