Complexity is difficult for organizations...but it is also the source of great ideas

Organizations are on continuous journeys to innovate, grow, and improve the systems that drive their strategy.


But the ideas that make or break success are often lost in the "noise".  And the success of strategy execution and innovation suffers.


The fact is, "good ideas" usually do not come from one person, rather from thoughts intersecting between a variety of people. 



Collective Intelligence 

Organizations are alive, filled with ever changing contexts & various interpretations of data & information.


Wisdom comes from combining these realities in meaningful ways to make sense of current situations in order to act. 

humanITsync helps organizations harness their collective intelligence in order to foster emergence and exaptation in complex situations. 






Exaptation is an evolutionary process whereby something can be radically changed by using or re-purposing something that already exists. This is relevant in organizations because often great ideas are already available but may not be sitting with the person who is tasked with solving a particular problem or innovating.


Exaptive practice does not rely solely on experts to solve problems or design solutions. Rather, it facilitates collective intelligence to find or build solutions from within the organization. 


Emergence is a phenomenon that occurs when the parts of a system acting together as a whole produce something that is different from the sum of what could be produced separately. 

Emergence is considered the only way (besides evolving) that a complex problem can be solved. 

Emergent practice relies on tapping into qualitative data, searching for patterns, involving the requisite variety of participants (from the system) and designing and running experiments, adapting along the way to a shared vision of the future. 

Simply stated, humanITsync helps organizations solve complex challenges and innovate by completely rethinking how problems are framed.  While most consultants come in with solutions, we come in and help unleash wisdom from within.