With an advanced degree in linguistics and a 13-year career working in complex business/IT transformation programs, in 2019, Sarah left the corporate world with a burning desire to drastically change the way strategic change initiatives are designed & executed. ​


Her research into why transformation programs often fail to deliver the business value they set out to uncovered that it was not due to a shortage of smart people, best in class vendors, or cutting edge tools & methods; rather, a failure to tap into the collective intelligence of the organization. The answers were always there, they just were not heard through all the noise. 


This discovery led her to study cognitive and complexity science, systems and design thinking, cybernetics, innovation theory, and qualitative data science; and led her back to her academic roots in the humanities where she found a red thread that context is everything. It turns out that the economic theories that have dominated the last decades of business have been designed to make more predictable processes, like manufacturing, efficient, at the severe expense of tapping into the natural human ability to understand context and navigate complexity.


humanITsync offers collective intelligence solutions to assist companies with navigating complexity, transformation, and innovation. In 2020, inspired by the Cynefin Framework, it coined the term “exaptive practice consulting” and initiated a partnership network of complexity thinkers working in this space. humanITsync is the pilot authorized partner of Exaptive, Inc., and will co-design an authorized Exaptive partner program. Sarah Freiesleben is the sole proprietor of humanITsync, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and works collaboratively with partners around the world. 


Founded on the belief that innovation can be facilitated, Exaptive, Inc. uses technology to assemble collaborators with a complementary mix of shared and unique perspectives and connect them to knowledge assets that can lead to the interdisciplinary ah-ha moments known as exaptations. Through its software platform, the Cognitive City, people, data, and analysis tools are linked together within an online virtual environment optimized for solving complex data-intensive challenges. Founded in 2011 in Boston, Exaptive is now based in Oklahoma City, and is led by David King.

+45 3173 0396


Copenhagen, Denmark 

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