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"Reach out for a free consultation about how to reduce challenges and unexpected outcomes in your projects by varying your sensemaking tools situationally."

With an advanced degree in linguistics and 13 years working on global, cross functional IT projects, I have come to believe that the main sources of project paralysis and failures are not technical, they are human. And it is not a lack of human intelligence or expertise, which we have more of than ever; rather, the human roles & identities involved which create complexities that project managers are expected to manage as if they were part of an ordered, predictable system. 

Managing complex situations as if they were simple can cause paralysis, unexpected delays, less than desirable results and even a risk for overall failure because the real problems, which are often more qualitative in nature, do not get the right attention. And delegating complexity to consultants or experts to deal with just adds more expensive resources to a situation where they will be expected to execute "best practice" where there is not one. 

Luckily, the human drivers of complexity are also the key to navigating it! Your consultants and experts are still critical to handle complicated problems, your PMs are vital to keep structures simple, but the human nature of your whole team can be catalyzed more effectively to apply judgement and produce emergent ideas for your situationally complex challenges.

I help teams articulate & structure decisions & actions based on their context, which enables them to respond to the dynamics modern organizations face. 


I coach and facilitate this process with project teams, leaders, and sponsors & design bespoke keynotes and learning events around this topic.


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