Complexity Management Advisory 

Complexity management advisory involves working with leaders and/or key program team members involved with transformation to identify topics that are causing paralysis and giving a recommendation for how to manage them. The output of advisory could include an offer for a bespoke education event for the project management team to learn effective methods based on their PMO process maturity to manage the complexity internally and/or a proposal for support in the complexity management facilitation process directly. The advisory service is always offered pro bono. 

Complexity Management Facilitation 

The complexity management facilitation service supports the project team or sponsors in managing the complexity/ies affecting their transformation. This service includes (but is not limited to): running complexity management meetings/workshops, ensuring important data is collected and sorted for relevancy, steering objective and reduced biased "collisions" in the organization to produce emergent thinking and wisdom to make better decisions, and helping to organize the outputs of the work in the team’s existing PMO templates (risk logs, action log, plan, etc). If the team does not have PMO structures, I can support in this effort, working together with your maturity level and ambitions. After key complexities are managed and the program is stabilized, the service can be offered as a continued plug in to your team meetings or steering committee cycles as needed. 

Complexity Management Events

Complexity Management is a fascinating topic and just learning about what it is, in relation to your transformation, can be an eye-opening experience. I offer bespoke events related to this topic, custom designed for the audience, duration, context, etc.  The topic is most relevant for business/digital transformations, ERP related programs, Master Data Management, & joint business and IT programs.  Since the method contains unique tools from the ones classically used by management consultants, I also offer sessions for consulants to learn about the process and tools available to improve your impact when advising your clients in complex situations.

+45 3173 0396

Copenhagen, Denmark 

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